Go is a software language developed by Google. It compiles quickly, you can easily code for cross platform applications, and is an increasingly popular language for developing applications and utilities for the internet as a whole.

In a previous post, I wrote some tips to write software that scales, this post expands and updates on some of those tips.

Last week I pushed a major update to a codebase I had been working on the past few years, and saw some amazing results.

I've been reviewing some of the apps I've written in the past few years, and one noticeably has stood out. It's currently averaging around 23k requests/min with pretty good performance.

In this lesson, we will implement binding to our application, along with handling POST requests and building upon our usage of Gorm.

Martini is a very powerful Go framework, and it will enable you to launch applications very quickly.

A powerful part of any template language is to load snippets that can be reused across your site.

In a previous article I described how I was going to transition one of the apps I work on from Martini to the Gin Gonic framework.

One of my projects required speed (as most should), the most piece intensive being redirects, and while it could deliver I couldn't transition 100%.

Rackspace Cloud Files is awesome, it's competitively priced and is powered by Akamai, one of the leaders in CDN technology.

Martini gets a lot of flak, but there is no denying the speed at which you can create a solid, production ready application in a short amount of time.


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