There are issues in web development I don't know if many people have answers to, and I don't know if there are even discussions happening about them.

It doesn't matter what your language of choice is, as you learn the basics of a language to use for web development, these are critical items you must learn as well

How is this not extortion?

I was having a discussion with my wife recently, we were discussing a website I launched recently that appears to have been a dud on launch.

There are lots of ways to create applications, web browsers have given a new vertical in development to speed up the process.

The Apple lineup has been the status quo for design for the better part of the past 20 years, lately it has become the go-to for web development.

User /u/Samhain13 on reddit asks a great question. What are the essentials of a web framework? How do/should developers decide on which packages to include in their frameworks? And more importantly, how do they test their frameworks before releasing them out to the wild?

You will find today that web development is a hot market for employers, every business needs a website, every person with an idea needs a product, and the internet is moving in a faster pace than ever with mobile application development merging with web development. Chances are, you know someone close to you that is a web developer, but that doesn't mean the market is saturated.

Nginx has very sophisticated caching features, and with a few lines you can start optimizing it to the fullest.


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